Are commonly used hand sanitizers actually preventing spread of bacteria

     Can you trust your handy-dandy hand sanitizer? Are you actually being protected against the spread of bacteria such as influenza, the common cold, strep throat, etc.

     This year for my science fair experiment I am testing the effiency and accuracy of five hand sanitizers and one general brand of hand soap.  I testing to see if the hand sanitizers and soap actually kill bacteria and which subject can kill the most bacteria. Is it the ingredients that can destroy the most bacteria or just that secret touch?

     I am determining the efiiciency of the subjects by first coating my hands (or a helper's hands) with thick layer of dirt and hidden bacteria from doorways and the ground. Then, I sterillize a que-tip with hot, boiling water. Next, I swab the que-tip with a thick layer of bacteria from the hands. Then, I rub off most of the bacteria from the hands onto a perti dish (small circular disk-like cup with nutrients for bacteria), label it, and seal it. I continue to do this for all six subjects.