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Required Elements


1.  Experiment Plan – Students must submit an experiment plan before they begin experimenting.  The plan must describe the question, hypothesis, and procedures that will be followed.  The plan must be approved by Mr. Fritz and signed by the student and a parent.


2.  Data Log - Students should record all their work in their Data Log.  All Log entries must include the date.  All research and data should be written into the Log or stapled into the Log if recorded on a separate piece of paper.  Data Logs will be collected and graded each week.


3.  Abstract - A report summarizing the project is due before the science fair.  The report must be typed and should be 250 words or less.  The report should describe the project the student did and the student’s conclusions.


 4.     Display - The display should explain the project the student did and include the student’s data.  Use of a commercially available display board is strongly recommended.  Used boards are available from Mr. Fritz.  Displays are limited to 30 inches deep, 48 inches wide and 108 inches high.  Most are considerably smaller.  Your display should stand on its own.  Lettering should be neat and uniform.  Spelling should be accurate! 


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