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Tips from the Judges

 1.  Measure Something - Choose a project that lets you measure the results in some way.  This will allow you to use statistics and graphs to analyze and display your results.


2.  Repeat, Repeat - Repeat your experiment as often as possible.  The more data you collect the more reliable and convincing your results will be.


3.  Have Props - Your display should include the equipment you used.  If possible, demonstrate your experiment for the judges.


4.  Label Your Axes - Make sure your graphs are properly labeled, have a good title, and include a key if appropriate.


5.  Bring Your Data Log - Bring your data log to show the judges.  This proves that you really did the experiment, and you can show the judges the data you originally collected.


6.  Large Sample Size - If your experiment is comparing things, include as many different things as possible.  For example, if you are testing paper towels it is better to test five brands that just two.


7.  Spelling Counts - Nothing looks worse than a title in giant neon letters that is spelled wrong.  Proofread and use a dictionary.


8.  Borders - Put colored borders around the text, graphs, and charts of your display.


9.  Type Everything - Use a computer to type everything that will do on your display, including data tables and graphs.  This will give your project a more professional look.


10.  Data Tables - Your data is the heart of your project.  Make sure it is organized and neatly displayed in a data table.  Use a spreadsheet program to create a good looking table. 



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